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Vanuatu Emergency Appeal (Update 24 March)

16 March 2015

On the 14th and 15th of March, Cyclone Pam left devastation in its wake as it tore through the island nation of Vanuatu. Vanuatu president Baldwin Lonsdale described Cyclone Pam as a "monster", setting the government and the people back. It is Vanuatu's strongest and most devastating cyclone to date. Partnering with the Anglican Church of Vanuatu, Anglican Aid are appealing for donations to help with the relief, rehabilitation and development of Vanuatu. 

Sydney Anglican ministers Rev. Francis Chalwell from Surry Hills Anglican and Rev. Barrie Macalister from Wilberforce Anglican have had previous experience in Vanuatu through teaching the Moore College correspondence course. This has strengthened the relationship of the Sydney Diocese with that of the Anglican Church of Vanuatu. Please join with us in prayer and, if able, financial support to enable the Anglican Church of Vanuatu to share Christ's love with the people of Vanuatu at this extremely devastating and troubling time.

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Scenes from the devastating cyclone
Scenes from the devastating cyclone

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Providing Aid in Iraq for Christians and other persecuted minorities

01 September 2014

Anglican Aid has been conducting an appeal for people who have been persecuted by the IS forces which are forcing people to convert to Islam pay the tax or be killed. The response to this appeal has seen many giving to support people just like us but who are subject to persecution. 

It is a reasonable question to ask "How will you get support to these people?" which is what some people have asked us. The Anglican Church has a broad network and many would not know there is an Anglican Church in Baghdad, Iraq. Canon Andrew White has been the Vicar of Baghdad at St George's Cathedral for many years. He has established a charity called Foundation for Reconcilaition and Relief in Middle East (FRRME). You can go to Canon Andrew White  on Facebook and see updates posted regularly on support being provided to people fleeing IS persecution and how food, mattresses, water and other life giving aid is being distributed.

Anglican Aid primarily partners with Anglican churches throughout the world and has confidence that the money you donate reaches its intended recipients.

To learn more about Canon Andrew White and the work he does this video shows work in Baghdad. However please understand that the funds donated for this appeal are directed to people in Northern Iraq. We suggest you may wish to start at about 2.20 minutes

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Aid for cyclone victims

23 February 2015

The Archbishop of Sydney has sent financial assistance to the victims of Cyclones Lam and Marcia in the Northern Territory and Rockhampton region respectively.

The bishop of the Northern Territory,...

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Cyclone Lam & Cyclone Marica

Flawless Bible Tour 2015

09 February 2015

In the Sydney Diocese we enjoy a wonderful legacy of faithful biblical scholarship, preaching and teaching. As we rejoice and revel in that legacy, let us join together to strengthen the integrity...

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Archbishop’s Christmas Appeal 2014

10 November 2014

Dear Friends

As Christmas draws upon us we look forward to spending time with our families, sharing gifts, eating and drinking, enjoying laughter, love and life, all the blessings we enjoy from...

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Dapto Church volunteers outside the van used to engage young people

Crack an egg on World Egg Day 2014 - Friday October 10

09 October 2014

This year on Friday October 10, crack an egg on World Egg Day and help celebrate the power of the egg and all the goodness it provides.

Anglican Aid has it's own egg-cellent egg project in the...

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