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Pakistan Flood Appeal Launched

12 September 2014

In Pakistan, Anglican Aid partners with One to Another in the Multan area. Zeeshan Laaldin  (son in law of Rev John Bales former CMS Pakistan) writes "Floods have again hit Pakistan.  The devastation that we have seen across Kashmir in the previous week has now swept down the country and rivers are at crisis levels across Punjab."

"I have been out surveying areas for the last 2 days.  Yesterday we found a place where we would like to set up a relief camp for
approximately 300 families.  The area is about 80km North West of Multan, called Rung Pur in close proximity to the river Chenab.  Our church has been working in that area of the last year. We did not see any army, police or other NGO presence the area.  Villagers were
unwilling to leave their homes yesterday even though we tried to persuade them to move to the higher roads.

Today we are going out with drinking water and food, ropes, life jackets.  We will be purchasing tents and basic dry food rations.  It is $40 for a tent and $50 for 2 weeks food ration.  Water cost is to be determined.

We are wondering if it is possible for you to launch an appeal for flood relief.  

Thank you for your prayers especially as we make decisions and get out into the field."

Anglican Aid has committed to send $10,000 (AUD) on Monday 15 September and will forward donations as they are received to support this appeal. All donations are tax deductible. Please support this appeal and help Christians in Pakistan show God's love by making a tax deductible donation.

A local family seeking shelter
A local family seeking shelter

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Providing Aid in Iraq for Christians and other persecuted minorities

01 September 2014

Anglican Aid has been conducting an appeal for people who have been persecuted by the IS forces which are forcing people to convert to Islam pay the tax or be killed. The response to this appeal has seen many giving to support people just like us but who are subject to persecution. 

It is a reasonable question to ask "How will you get support to these people?" which is what some people have asked us. The Anglican Church has a broad network and many would not know there is an Anglican Church in Baghdad, Iraq. Canon Andrew White has been the Vicar of Baghdad at St George's Cathedral for many years. He has established a charity called Foundation for Reconcilaition and Relief in Middle East (FRRME). You can go to Canon Andrew White  on Facebook and see updates posted regularly on support being provided to people fleeing IS persecution and how food, mattresses, water and other life giving aid is being distributed.

Anglican Aid primarily partners with Anglican churches throughout the world and has confidence that the money you donate reaches its intended recipients.

To learn more about Canon Andrew White and the work he does this video shows work in Baghdad. However please understand that the funds donated for this appeal are directed to people in Northern Iraq. We suggest you may wish to start at about 2.20 minutes

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Un Predicts 50,000 Child Deaths in South Sudan

14 August 2014

Australia's Sydney Morning Herald reports today that the dire warnings of famine (as reported on 25 July on this site) are occurring. The following story is from the front page of the SMH 14/8/14.


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Grace is not her name. Grace is giving because of what God has done in our lives. This girl arrived with her family early in 2014 at a refug

Iraq Relief Appeal Launched

10 August 2014

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Tens of thousands of Christians and other minorities have fled their homes in advance of ISIS in Northern Iraq. People have fled homes with literally nothing. In recent days the US...

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Statement from Archbishop Justin on Iraq

09 August 2014

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, issued the following statement on 8 August 2014 on the situation in Iraq, shortly before he travelled from the Philippines to Papua New Guinea.


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Archbishop Justin Welby


25 July 2014

Reliefweb reports that refugee numbers from South Sudan into Ethiopia are set to explode, as a result of what is now a famine situation in South Sudan. Quoting information from Irish relief agency...

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Akule Refugee Camp where refugees from South Sudan gave thanks to God for delivering them from the violence. Here a young girl is making an

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